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It is important to keep the safety of live stock constantly Monitored, by frequently testing and inspecting the fixed wire, over-current protection and electrical equipment installed in and around barns and animal houses.


live stock which are permanently connected to ground commonly in 4 places are more at risk of death by electric shock, additional protective measures are required to reduce these ricks.


Design of area's to house live stocks should take into account all potential hazards potentially involved in housing animals with great power and sensitivity, some case's have been reported that electro effects have disturbed (spoked) live stock when equipment has been installed to close.


poor lighting arrangements can also spoke live stock.

Rewires of live stock holdings, external lighting arrangements to suit enviroment*

full rewires will comply with the BS 7671 2008 17th edition wiring regulations, all distribution boards and electrical equipment include relevant protection to suit special locations, environmental conditions and consumer requirments.




      All works will be certified with the relevant IEE document


 *Subject to local planning approval.

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