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Special Locations

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  •       Locations containing a bath tub or shower basin
  •       Swimming pools or paddling pools
  •       Hot air saunas
  •       Electric floor or ceiling heating systems
  •       Garden lighting or power installations



    There has been a number of changes in the current edition of the BS 7671 2008 17TH Edition Wiring Regulations, Here are a few examples of new requirements in locations containing a bath or shower.


    Regulation 701.411.3.3 now requires that additional protection shall be provided for all circuits of the location by the use of one or more RCDs having the characteristics specified in Regulation 415.1.1. This is a significant change.


    Regulation 701.411.3.3 means that all circuits, including lighting, electric showers, heated towel rails, etc., will require RCD protection, not exceeding 30 mA.


    if the installation does not have the now relevant 30mA rcd protection, this does not imply that the installation is unsafe, as long as the requirement's of the BS 7671, 2004, 16th edition wiring regulations have been meet.


    For Example,


     if a special location such as a bathroom or shower room has supplementary bonding connected to the cpc terminal of all electrical equipment contained in the zones , the extraneous conductive parts, all fixed equipment (other than Enclosed SELV OR enclosed L.V luminaries, water heaters) have 30mA protection and if all electrical accessories suit the environmental conditions in which they are exposed to, then this would typically be recorded as a code 4 observation.


    If the above are not meet or the installation was built after 1 July 2008 then regulation 701.411.3.3 must be meet. we would recorded this as a code 1 defect, indicating that urgent remedial works are required.


    External influences

    The Regulations state:


    Electrical equipment exposed to water jets, e.g. for cleaning purposes, shall have a degree of protection of at least IPX5. The Regulations no longer limit the IPX5 requirement to communal baths or communal showers.

    There are no particular ingress protection requirements beyond zone 2. This means that BS 1363 accessories, such as switches and fused connection units, can be installed beyond zone 2, subject to the requirements of Regulation 512.2 (external influences).




    Fully Qualified to the 17th Edition BS 7671 2008 IEE wring regulations, all our engineers hold the relevant city and guilds 2391 Level 3 Certificate in Inspection, Testing And Certification of Electrical Installations.


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    Other Changes


    Another significant change is introduced by Regulation 701.512.3. This now permits 230v socket-outlets to be installed in a room containing a bath or shower providing they are
    installed 3 m horizontally from the boundary of zone 1. This change resolves the ambiguity that existed between locations containing a bath or shower and a bedroom containing a